How do you tie a pareo? Just ask any islander and you'll get at least a dozen different answers. Pareos can be worn in a number of ways, some of the more popular wraps are illustrated here. You can be creative or practical in your ties, but all seem to have one thing in common - a sense of comfort and personal style. We've brought together a few of our most popular ties that we'd like to share with you. So get ready for the beach or casual occasion and learn our favorite pareo tying techniques.

The word pareo has been used generically to mean any wrap which holds true for other similar words such as sarong. A pareo did not evolve from a sarong or vice versa. Find out more about the history and origins of the pareo and about our signature Heiva Hibiscus Pareo.

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Take the two ends of the pareo after you've wrapped it around your back and bring them around to your front. Hold one end over your shoulder and bring the other end around to meet it. Tie both ends together over your shoulder. Add a tiare in your hair and you're one step closer to paradise.

Hold the pareo vertically and tie behind you back. Twist until opening is on the side. Gather enough material to tie at hip. Use a pearl shell belt or buckle to really complete the Papeete look.

Wrap the pareo around your body. Hold the two top ends and twist in front. Bring both ends up and around your neck. Secure and tie ends. The Huahine style looks great with a tropical flower behind the ear (left if you're married, right if you're single or "looking").

The Moorea style is one of the most popular and comfortable way of wearing a pareo. Wrap around your body and tie a knot over your shoulder.

Hold the pareo off-center so that you can wrap it around. Tie it above bust having one corner hanging loosely. Hold the extra material over your shoulder and tuck remaining in at back. It's that extra that gives it that distinction of Raiatea.

Dreaming of Bora Bora? Here's a creative and fun way of tying. Hold the pareo vertically and tie in front above bust. Twist and layer. You can angle it or leave to be above knee lenth. Tie at hip or use a shell belt or buckle.

Tie pareo in front having one end hanging loose. Hold the remaining free end out away from you and gently fold into thirds until the last of the thirds. Hold the end with both hands and lay flat in front of bust. Bring panel in and tuck in front.

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